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Hailguard Construction does window installation for already existing homes and new construction as well. If you’re looking for minor window repair or new window replacement, you will be glad to have Hailguard Construction assisting you. Most of our window replacement services focus on choosing the appropriate material to frame your windows. Please browse our window installation options for some possible new construction windows! We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Window Cross Section

Vinyl Windows (Thermal/RSM)

Vinyl window frame are a great option when you’re interested in the best insulation practices for your home. Vinyl frames seal your home most effectively, keeping heat in during the winters, and keeping it out in summer. They are also great noise reducers and don’t run the risk of termites.


Skylights & Roof Windows

If you’re looking to reduce your energy consumption, one great way of accomplishing this goal is to install a skylight. Skylights are a natural light source, and when installed properly can draw a ton of extra light into a room.



In addition to window replacement and repair, Hailguard Construction installs vinyl and aluminum awnings. If you’re interested in getting some extra shade on your deck or patio, an awning is a great way to accomplish that goal.


Andersen Windows

Andersen windows are the country’s largest provider of products that are used on window repair and replacement. They are well regarded as one of the most reliable products you can get at an affordable cost.


Weathershield Windows

Weathershield windows are known for the window frame that is designed to resist weathering and corrosion longer than other frames. They come standard with a patented Weathershield coat that ensures greater resistance to the elements. If you’re looking for window replacements that will last longer in the wind and rain, then choose Weathershield for their breakthrough design.

Window Frame

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